Details of product

Product characteristics

Product group:
Climate Data Records
Product family:
SARAH-E ed. 1.1
Product name:
SIS - Surface incoming shortwave radiation
METEOSAT East (65S-65N, 8W-128E)
Temporal resolution:
Spatial resolution:
Latitude/longitude grid (0.05x0.05 degree)
Data source:
MVIRI on Meteosat First Generation
Temporal coverage:
1999-01-01 – 2016-12-31
Geographic coverage:
Latitude: -65.00° S to 65.00° N
Longitude: -8.00° W to 128.00° E
Huld, Thomas; Müller, Richard; Gracia-Amillo, Ana; Pfeifroth, Uwe; Trentmann, Jörg (2017): Surface Solar Radiation Data Set - Heliosat, Meteosat-East (SARAH-E) - Edition 1.1, Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring, DOI:10.5676/DWD/JECD/SARAH_E/V001_01,

Product adaptations

The product described above is appropriate for your purposes but you are interested in a different projection, spatial resolution and/or domain? Then check out our new feature: reprojection and interpolation to global latitude/longitude grid and optional cut out of a user-specific sub-domain.