CM SAF - Data access

The following pages provide the opportunity to search and order CM SAF products and to get detailed information about these products. The data provision is free of charge but a user registration is mandatory to get access.

To all Newcomers: Please take notice of the product sample files, the auxiliary data as well as the add on products and provided tools below.

Product examples

Almost all CM SAF Climate Data Records (CDRs) and all Interim Climate Data records (ICDRs) and Fundamental Climate Data Records (FCDRs) are provided in NetCDF-4. CM SAF offers a basic set of transformations on its products, integrating some cdo functionalities into our Web User Interface. For more information on cdo, please follow the tools link below. The CM SAF WUI offers the opportunity to interpolate onto a regular latitude/longitude grid and/or to select a sub-domain.

Below you find different product example files in the NetCDF-4 format to get a first impression of the data files. These three product examples are also visualised on the right:

If you are interested in other grid types, CM SAF recommends to install cdo and to manipulate the products yourself. CM SAF also provides an R TOOLBOX, as an easy-to-use tool to prepare, analyse and visualise CM SAF NetCDF data. For installation instructions and some examples for the use with CM SAF data please follow the tools link below.

Auxiliary data

CM SAF products are available covering different areas in different spatial resolution. Below you find a link to download files providing information on latitude/longitude, elevation, and fraction of land and water as well as a land/sea mask. Links to product-specific auxiliary data for the CM SAF CDRs are provided on the respective DOI landing pages.

Add on products

Add-on products are provided to the user in addition to the official CM SAF products. They cover different application areas and facilitate the analysis of the CM SAF products and the climate system.


CM SAF supports the use of different tools to work with CM SAF grid-based product files: To analyse and manipulate the products CDOs can be used, whereas the software tool R can be used to visualise and analyse CM SAF data records.