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The CM SAF production and Web User Interface remain operational despite the wide-ranging precautions against the Corona virus SARS-Cov-2. However, any required maintenance may be performed somewhat slower than usual. (status 2020-03-26)

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Here you can find and order the products generated by the Climate Monitoring SAF. These products are available to anyone and are free of charge, but to get access to the ordering a user registration is mandatory. Ordered products will be distributed from our data server via HTTPS or SFTP or as Email attachment (small data amounts only).

CM SAF products are categorised into several groups and types. On one hand there is the group of routinely and near-realtime produced data records in support to climate monitoring, so called "Operational Products" (EDRs and ICDRs). On the other hand CM SAF offers retroactively produced climate data records based on carefully intersensor calibrated radiances, so called "Climate Data Records" (TCDRs and FCDRs).

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