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ICDR AVHRR - based on CLARA-A2 methods


Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring (CM SAF)

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Karlsson, Karl-Göran; Riihelä, Aku; Trentmann, Jörg; Stengel, Martin; Meirink, Jan Fokke; Solodovnik, Irina; Devasthale, Abhay; Manninen, Terhikki; Jääskeläinen, Emmihenna; Anttila, Kati; Kallio-Myers, Vilvi; Benas, Nikos; Selbach, Nathalie; Stein, Diana; Kaiser, Johannes; Hollmann, Rainer


The Interim Climate Data Record (ICDR) AVHRR provides a routinely generated continuation of the product suite of the CLARA-A2.1 climate data record (CM SAF cLoud, Albedo and RAdiation products - AVHRR-based, edition 2.1;, which in turn is an update and extension of the CLARA-A2 climate data record (Karlsson et al., 2017; The ICDR products are generated and published within five days of the corresponding observations. The ICDR AVHRR features a range of cloud, surface albedo and surface radiation products derived from the AVHRR instruments onboard polar orbiting NOAA and METOP satellites, which are consistent with the heritage record CLARA-A2.1. The cloud products comprise cloud mask, cloud top temperature/pressure/height, cloud thermodynamic phase, and (for liquid and ice clouds separately) cloud optical thickness, cloud particle effective radius and cloud water path. They are available as monthly and daily averages. Surface albedo is presented as monthly and pentad (5 day) averages of the broadband black-sky albedo and is derived using all available data during the studied period. Surface radiation is provided as monthly and daily averages for the downwelling shortwave component. All monthly, pentad and daily averages are available on a 0.25°x0.25° global grid. Surface albedo and cloud products are also provided in two equal area grids with a resolution of 25 km x 25 km covering the polar regions. A summary of the ICDR AVHRR characteristics and evaluation are available through Product User Manuals, Validation Reports and Algorithm Theoretical Baseline Documents. In addition, Annual Quality Assessments are published by CM SAF.




Based on CLARA-A2 methods

Temporal coverage

2019-01-01 - 2023-05-31

Geographic coverage

Latitude: -90.0° S to 90.0° N
Longitude: -180.0° W to 180.0° E


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The processing of this ICDR has stopped at the end of May 2023. The newest edition of the data record, CLARA-A3, is available from here.

Data record details and ordering

This data record is superseded by a new version (see related data records). If you need access to products from this data record, please contact our User Help Desk (

Products from Polar Orbiting Satellites (LEO)

Cloud phase (CPH)

  • Monthly mean (Global),
  • Daily mean (Global)

Cloud top parameters CTT, CTP and CTH (CTO)

  • Monthly mean (Southern Polar Region),
  • Monthly mean (Global),
  • Monthly mean (Northern Polar Region),
  • Daily mean (Southern Polar Region),
  • Daily mean (Global),
  • Daily mean (Northern Polar Region)

Fractional cloud cover (CFC)

  • Monthly mean (Northern Polar Region),
  • Monthly mean (Southern Polar Region),
  • Monthly mean (Global),
  • Daily mean (Global),
  • Daily mean (Northern Polar Region),
  • Daily mean (Southern Polar Region)

Ice water path (IWP)

  • Monthly mean (Global),
  • Daily mean (Global)

Liquid water path (LWP)

  • Monthly mean (Global),
  • Daily mean (Global)

Surface albedo (SAL)

  • Pentad mean (Global),
  • Pentad mean (Southern Polar Region),
  • Pentad mean (Northern Polar Region),
  • Monthly mean (Northern Polar Region),
  • Monthly mean (Southern Polar Region),
  • Monthly mean (Global)

Surface incoming shortwave radiation (SIS)

  • Monthly mean (Global),
  • Daily mean (Global)