Reprojection and interpolation to global latitude/longitude grid and optional cut out of a user-specific sub-domain

CM SAF products are gridded on a product specific area. The type of gridding (i.e. the combination of geographical projection and horizontal resolution) is product specific, too. Here we offer the possibility to reproject products to a regular latitude/longitude projection, to resample the horizontal resolution to user needs and to restrict the area to user specific subdomain.
By the following form you can specify the details on how to do this, i.e. the borders of the subdomain and the target horizontal resolution. To process your request we deploy Climate Data Operators (CDO) to manipulate the original product.

Map of the world
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Product adaptations

Specify the upper, lower, left and right boundaries of the domain to cut out:

 °  °

or use one of the predefined CORDEX (COordinated Regional climate Downscaling Experiment) subdomains:

Specify the longitudinal and latitudinal mesh size - to avoid oversampling please pay attention to the original product resolution (see the details below):

Longitude  ° X Latitude  °

Selected product

Product group: Environmental Data Records
Product name: SRB - Surface radiation budget
Area: CM SAF baseline area (30N-80N, 60W-60E)
Temporal resolution: Monthly
Statistics: Mean
Spatial resolution: Sinusoidal projection (15x15 km2)
Data source: SRB from polar orbiting satellites
Temporal coverage: 2004-10-01 – 2012-02-01
Version(s) external link:
  • 130 (2004-10-01 – 2005-03-01)
  • 140 (2005-04-01 – 2005-07-01)
  • 150 (2005-08-01 – 2006-12-01)
  • 160 (2007-01-01 – 2007-08-01)
  • 300 (2007-09-01 – 2008-04-01)
  • 301 (2008-05-01 – 2008-12-01)
  • 302 (2009-01-01 – 2009-06-01)
  • 303 (2009-07-01 – 2010-12-01)
  • 304 (2011-01-01 – 2012-02-01)

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