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Product characteristics

Product group:
Interim Climate Data Records
Product family:
CLAAS ed. 3.0
Product name:
CTO - Cloud top parameters CTT, CTP and CTH
METEOSAT full disk (includes Europe, Africa, Atlantic Ocean)
Temporal resolution:
Spatial resolution:
Latitude/longitude grid (0.05x0.05 degree)
Data source:
Temporal coverage:
2021-01-01 – 2024-06-01
Geographic coverage:
Latitude: -81.30° S to 81.30° N
Longitude: -81.25° W to 81.25° E
V004 [ICDR]
This ICDR is an operationally produced extension to the CLAAS ed. 3.0 Cloud top parameters CTT, CTP and CTH climate data record. The full time series (CDR plus ICDR) can be accessed from here.
Citation / DOI:
Meirink, Jan Fokke; Karlsson, Karl-Göran; Solodovnik, Irina; Hüser, Imke; Benas, Nikos; Johansson, Erik; Håkansson, Nina; Stengel, Martin; Selbach, Nathalie; Schröder, Marc; Hollmann, Rainer (2022): CLAAS-3: CM SAF CLoud property dAtAset using SEVIRI - Edition 3, Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring, DOI:10.5676/EUM_SAF_CM/CLAAS/V003,

Product adaptations

The product described above is appropriate for your purposes but you are interested in a different projection, spatial resolution and/or domain? Then check out our new feature: reprojection and interpolation to global latitude/longitude grid and optional cut out of a user-specific sub-domain.

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