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Product characteristics

Product group:
Interim Climate Data Records
Product family:
ICDR AVHRR, based on CLARA-A2 methods
Product name:
CTO - Cloud top parameters CTT, CTP and CTH
Southern Polar Region
Temporal resolution:
Spatial resolution:
Lambert azimuthal equal-area projection (25x25 km2)
Data source:
AVHRR on polar orbiting satellites
Temporal coverage:
2019-01-01 – 2023-01-01
Geographic coverage:
Latitude: -90.0° S to 90.0° N
Longitude: -180.0° W to 180.0° E
CM SAF Service Messages:
Karlsson, Karl-Göran; Riihelä, Aku; Trentmann, Jörg; Stengel, Martin; Meirink, Jan Fokke; Solodovnik, Irina; Devasthale, Abhay; Manninen, Terhikki; Jääskeläinen, Emmihenna; Anttila, Kati; Kallio-Myers, Vilvi; Benas, Nikos; Selbach, Nathalie; Stein, Diana; Kaiser, Johannes; Hollmann, Rainer (2021): ICDR AVHRR - based on CLARA-A2 methods, Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring,

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